Saint Ashbury

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We are Saint Ashbury


Saint Ashbury formed in early 2013 as a songwriting project and quickly evolved into a band. Singer Jaime McCrary's haunting voice walks a thin line between alt country and contemporary rock. Some have referred to them as KFOG music, and anyone who has lived in San Francisco knows exactly what I am talking about. Jeremy Cozakas and Ashley Mitchell bring two different songwriting styles to the band that compliment each other nicely and paired with Jaime's unique voice, create a sound that is definitely melodic, yet difficult to label.


Vocals / Jaime McCrary

Guitars / Jeremy Cozakas

Bass, Mandolin & Slide Guitar / Ashley Mitchell

Piano, Organ & Bass / Bryan Gessaro

Drums / Louie Senor

Leslie Peacock / Violin


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Upcoming Events








Saturday March 31st at The Acoustic Den in Rocklin Ca 8pm to 10 pm

Thursday June 28th at Pioneer Park in Calistoga CA 6pm to 9pm




Dressing Babies

by Saint Ashbury

Dressing Babies walks the fine line between rock & alt country. Singer Jaime McCrary's haunting voice binds the band's sound together as they experiment with style and musical arrangement. Whatever the outcome, the melody never suffers, and when boiled down to its core, you might even call it Pop.